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America's Home Professionals offers quality home thermal imaging and IR scan services for Cypress, Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.

Thermal Imaging and IR Scan 

What is a thermal/infrared imaging inspection?
An infrared or "IR" inspection consists of a scan of a structure, system or component with a thermal imaging camera. 
Surfaces are scanned in an attempt to identify what are referred to as “thermal anomalies” or unusual temperature producing 
characteristics reflected in the materials being scanned. These anomalies may be caused by a number of different effects ranging 
from missing insulation, elevated moisture, electrical overheating to air loss. The IR camera sees the thermal differences in the materials 
that are not visible to the naked eye and combined with an inspectors experience and training can identify serious issues within a structure, 
system or component. It is an essential tool that has changed the face of the inspection industry and a must have in any inspectors toolbox! 

Infrared Technology       


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