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America's Home Professionals offers quality home inspection news for Cypress, Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.

As inspectors we sometimes come across things that seem to contradict our standards during a home inspection. One such concern is related to garage door openers. If your home has an automatic door opener, the standards of practice require licensed Texas inspectors to list as deficient, an automatic garage door opener that does not have a disabled lock. In other words, you can't lock your garage door if it has an opener, in the interest of personal safety and/or potential damage to the door. In the link below, you will see why this could pose a different type of safety concern for your family:

VIDEO - How to get in a garage: Breaking Into A Garage in 6 Seconds

Pretty scary, right? I know this gave me cause for concern at my own house! Now, you may be thinking why do we have or need the release mechanism? The simple answer is....SAFETY...emergency egress specifically, in case of lost power, fire, etc. Here is a link to a related news story that will give you a simple remedy to this condition.

VIDEO - How to prevent it: The 6 Second Garage Door Break-In You Can Prevent

Now obviously your home is more vulnerable if you have a garage door with windows but I imagine that a skilled thief could get into other garages as well. It should also be pointed out that if a thief really wants to get into your home, they can. All we can do as home owners is be prepared and protect ourselves as well as possible. Alarm systems, heavy duty locks and reinforced door hardware, lighting and motion sensors are all great ideas. Please let check this site regularly for more stories and helpful tips or you can email us if you would like to be on our mailing list.


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