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America's Home Inspection Professionals offers mold and indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment reports for Cypress, Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.

Information About Mold

Molds are part of the natural environment and are simple, microscopic organisms whose purpose is to
break down dead materials. Molds can be found on plants, dry leaves and about every other organic
material. Mold spores are lightweight and are spread by air currents. If spores land on a suitable surface,
they will begin to grow. In order to thrive, mold requires four things to grow. They are: Water, Organic
materials, Oxygen, and an Optimum temperature (between 40 and 90 degree F). Mold growth is often
seen as a discoloration and can grow in several different colors. The most common are white,
orange, pink, blue, green, black, or brown.

To stop the growth of mold, it is important to first and foremost, find and stop the water/moisture
concern! Mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present. Indoor mold can and should be prevented
or controlled by controlling moisture. Look for evidence of water penetrating the house by locating
water stains or moist areas and FIX the water source! Look at your plumbing system for any leaks.
Common leaks may be caused by a damaged toilet seal or from an original sink or bath tub drain.
Also check out your HVAC systemsí condensation lines for any leaks or if they are
properly insulated to prevent water dripping from the lines themselves. Remember to always, always,
always vent your clothes dryer outside! Clean your gutters regularly and install bathroom vent fans if
your home was not equipped with them originally.

Do you know what's in your home? Let us test the air and provide a written report complete with laboratory results.

Sample Report -Coming Soon

Mold Information


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